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M-State of your Choice in Crystal Form


(2000 mg) Live wet metallic crystal. Pure Monoatomic Metals safe for ingestion through our modern alchemical process.


Choose any of our M-State metals or blends for your custom crystal.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - Please check back soon.


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Grown in suspension of noble metals and minerals, pure crystals filter out impurities to produce a truly special monoatomic alchemical method. Hand made from the highest quality material. Harvested and sealed before oxidation and delivered fresh.

Harvested in Southern Utah, dense deposits, rich in a wide variety of minerals are used as the foundation carrier for the added metals. The crystals grow in monoatomic liquid and form from the union of the different salts, minerals, and metal combinations. As the crystals oxidize and turn into fine powder that eventually becomes the different powders in our product line. Some customers in the past have requested for us to ship the crystals before they have a chance to dry. The results and feedback have been overwhelming to say the least, so we decided to offer these crystals as part of our products. Live Wet Crystals powers are remarkable and their ability to enhance cellular communication are phenomenal.

Keep refrigerated and sealed in the shipping container.




Custom crystals have the foundational trace elements of:

Boron trace
Selenium trace
Phosphorous trace
Silicon Trace

Monoatomics selected for your custom crystal are all prepared through the metallurgical process and yield 600 ppm.



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