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Included in Bundle

1 g. Frequency: 174

1 g. Frequency: 285

1 g. Frequency: 396
1 g. Frequency: 417

1 g. Frequency: 528

1 g. Frequency: 639

1 g. Frequency: 741

1 g. Frequency: 852

1 g. Frequency: 936


The Frequency Bundle ties in the powers of audio resonance and unique powder production. Sounds, Colors, Chakras and M-State technology are brought together to deliver life enhancing and empowering experiences for users who seek repair, enlightenment and clarity.



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Frequency Bundle


The Frequency Bundle includes the complete set of the Solfeggio Powders for each frequency. This bundle brings together the benefits of being able to retake through the powders to your own personal needs. While staying within the usage instructions, users can focus each day on a particular quality of a powder and do something different the next day. The combination of the powders and tones bring together the qualities of the Solfeggio system. Here's what's in the bundle:



174hz is one of the three Triad Tones to complete the Solfeggio Music Circle and is M-State Gold, Silver and Copper resonated at 174hz during production



285hz is one of the three Triad Tones to complete the Solfeggio Music Circle and is M-State Gold, Silver and Copper resonated at 285hz during production.



Red Chakra - 1st Chakra

Free your self of emotions that reduce the qualities of life. 396 reduces stress, inspires confidence and supports independence from mental traps. After the freedom from the heavy hand of guilt and tight grip of fear, you're amble to let go and begin living a life of satisfaction and freedom.



Orange Chakra - 2nd Chakra

Repair and recover from the journey down the wrong path. 417 encourages determination for the needed alterations within life to support forward progression to achieving goals and life altering habits. With the anchor of consequence from decisions made, moving forward is drastically slow and cumbersome. 417 affords new direction encouraged by the past, not restricted by it.


Gold Chakra- 3rd Chakra

528 Hz. Referred regularly to the frequency of love, the DNA repair tone and described as a tone that produces Transformation and Miracles. The crystal growth with 528 Hz was indeed astounding. Applying cymatics to the crystal growth and retaining the resonance power of 528 Hz was a break through.

528 Hz is an energy phenomena. Find balance, align your center, revitalize the senses and break through to the next levels of consciousness.



Green Chakra- 4th Chakra

Nurture connections within your life with the power of 639. Develop reciprocal efforts with friends, family, workers and strangers while developing long lasting connections with those that offer positive energy into you life. The living being thrives from strong connection and the soul brighten with powerful connections to other.


Blue Chakra- 5th Chakra

Unleash the power of the mind with 741. Awaken the power of foresight and calculating decisions for the betterment of your well being with specific application of 741. With a sharp minds eye assisting the decisions of the now, experience achieved direction with assisted guidance from your own spiritual power.


Indigo Chakra- 6th Chakra


Find your center and harmony with your light body while turning your focus to the most important person in your world. Yourself. Achieve balance with your chakras and assist your physical being with 852. Once aligned the combination of the mind, body and soul's achievements are profound and limitless.



Violet Chakra- 7th Chakra

963hz is one of the three Triad Tones to complete the Solfeggio Music Circle and is M-State Gold, Silver and Copper resonated at 963hz during production.



Each Powder is created from the same trace elements and M-States. During the crystal growing process, each crystal is resonated for days with the Frequency for that powder resonating through growth process.


Each Powder contains:

M-State Gold
M-State Silver
M-State Copper
Boron trace
Selenium trace
Phosphorous trace
Silicon Trace

















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