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Monatomic Gold, Rhodium & Iridium


This blend is referred to as M-3 and has excellent health, meta-physical and spiritual benefits. This blend was inspired by a limitless mind.

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KINETIC “Keep moving forward” ZPTECH understands the importance of mind body and soul. With our newest product, you the get to nurture all three with one amazing product, Kinetic. With this precise elixir being designed by David Hudson, the effectiveness of Kinetic is profound.

The spinal chord is a vast web of nervous system components. Focusing on providing what the body needs to function at it’s highest point, and recover from injuries, medical debacles and sleep debt, Kinetic is now available to harness the bodies vast capabilities to keep moving forward. With Kinetic focusing on how the body uses it’s self produced electricity, Kinetic offers countless benefits. Save money on your daily supplements that lose effectiveness by their design. With three essentials, rhodium, iridium and gold, Kinetic offers your body the triple action benefits.

1- Increased metabolism, up to a 40% increase, not flowing through the bloodstream being filtered out by the kidneys. A common problem with a daily supplement is the loss of its impact to the body by the value being greatly depleted by filtration through the Kidney’s.

2- Increased energy follows the increased metabolism. With a natural, and non sugar or caffeinated heart rate increase, more energy to live, recreate, recover and forward motions by all natural Earth elements.

3- Studies from Barry Carters website show treatments with Rhodium and Iridium have displayed a conversion of dense, toxic malignant tissues to healthy tissues allowing tumors to become benign and removed harmlessly. As this is still in a trial state, the positive results have been overwhelming. In other areas with Fatal diseases, it has shown to completely eliminate lesions and greatly reduce pains caused by inflammations from trauma, growths, migraines and additional complications. Kinetic, the latest product from ZPTECH offers anyone the change to remove the obstacles from the trials of life to keep you moving forward.


Using Kinetic is simple. 1 tablespoon a day (.5 oz) is all you need. You can dilute this in water or another beverage. A common use is to dilute 1oz in 1 gallon of water consuming the entire gallon in a 48 hour period.






M-State Gold 600 ppm
M-State Rhodium 600 ppm
M-State Iridium 600 ppm
Boron trace
Selenium trace
Phosphorous trace
Silicon Trace



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