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The Ultimate Hydration Dietary Supplement


MegaHydrate is the most potent antioxidant known. Taken as a daily nutritional supplement, MegaHydrate provides the body with many more Hydrogen ions than you could ever get, even if you ate pounds of raw fruit and vegetables or drank gallons of nutrient enriched water.

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Among its numerous benefits is increased energy, hydration and the potential of cells to clean the blood, an enhanced immune system, pain relief, detoxification, and alkalization of blood.

MegaHydrate is a super-hydrating antioxidant that is perfect for removing waste and replenishing nutrients at the cellular level. When the body becomes dehydrated, the cells are unable to take in nutrients or remove waste. MegaHydrate also assists in shielding the body from the negative effects of stress, alcohol, and free radicals that occur as part of the aging process.

MegaHydrate is also the most potent antioxidant known. It is a "pure" antioxidant, which means it is not converted to a free radical itself. Taken as a daily nutritional supplement, MegaHydrate provides the body with many more Hydrogen ions than you could ever get, even if you ate pounds of raw fruit and vegetables or drank gallons of nutrient enriched water.

Hydrogen is essential to the body's survival and the cornerstone of longevity and good health. With today's mass production of food, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, mineral deficient soil, chemical preservatives, over-processing of foods and overly fluoridated or chlorinated water, people do not get the amount of hydrogen they need. This allows the body's cells to become damaged as they age and hydration decreases.


Why Take MegaHydrate™?

Dramatic breakthroughs in overcoming disease are being published in some of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals as a result of the hydration movement. At the same time, thousands of scientists and medical doctors around the world, such as F. Batmanghelidg, MD and F. Batmanghelidj, MD, are evangelizing the popular prescription for health, "Don’t over-medicate, HYDRATE!"

Science and medicine have been seeking and studying miracle healing waters for decades. High elevation regions such as the Hunza in Pakistan, Villacabamba in Ecuador, Baden-Baden in Germany, and others have been reputed to possess healing waters for many generations. The fact is, people who live in these regions and drink the water are known to live long, healthy, active lives for well over 100 years. For ages, man has made pilgrimages to these remote regions to drink these "healing waters."

For over thirty years, Dr. Patrick Flanagan has studied the remote regions of the world where people enjoy healthy, active lives for up to 100 years. While the diets in these regions differed dramatically from one another, Dr. Flanagan discovered one amazing fact. The drinking water in these regions was almost identical in structure and originated in frozen glaciers that had melted. This water, known in some circles as "glacial milk", displays distinct physical differences from the water most of the civilized world is drinking.

The surface tension of glacial milk is much lower. This means the water can be absorbed directly into the cells of the body with much greater ease, thus facilitating hydration and nutrient uptake. It also means waste materials can be removed from the cells more easily by the same life-giving water. Dr. Flanagan also discovered that glacial milk, or "life water," displayed very distinct physical properties of viscosity, heat, and energy potential. After decades of laboratory and field research and study, Dr. Flanagan uncovered what may be the most important discovery about the true nature of hydration. He discovered why those waters are so different and can hydrate the human cell more effectively.

For thousands of years, people have trekked to the mountains and the sea for physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal. Dr. Flanagan discovered the water from these regions contains massive quantities of negatively-charged hydrogen ions. Several decades ago, this fact was confirmed by other scientists. Negatively-charged ions have proven to be highly beneficial for the human organism.

Hydrogen is one of the primordial elements fueling the development of all life on Earth. Provided by the Sun’s energy, hydrogen is a substance without which human beings cannot survive. While science refers to us as "carbon-based lifeforms", humans are actually silica-based and hydrogen-based. All life on Earth is hydrogen-based. When plants absorb sunlight, they store negatively charged hydrogen ions through the process of photosynthesis. When you eat unprocessed plants, your body’s cells utilize the nutrients in those plants and, perhaps more importantly, the electrical charge of the hydrogen ions in those plants. When your body burns hydrogen and oxygen, it generates the energy you need for every process of life. In fact, nearly every lifeform on the planet utilizes hydrogen and oxygen to generate energy. Without hydrogen, life cannot exist!

Hydrogen is the smallest known element in the universe. All living things must have hydrogen to sustain life. Hydrogen is the key to life, death, and aging. Without Hydrogen ions, there would be no life on Earth. As a result of Dr. Flanagan’s discoveries, many Scientists now believe that the quantity of Hydrogen ions in plants and water is a qualitative indicator of its energy potential. Hydrogen ions are a key fuel and energy source for the human body. Negatively-charged hydrogen ions can determine the overall health of every cell in the human body.

The human body must breathe to take in oxygen, and it must eat and drink to obtain hydrogen ions. Within minutes of being oxygen-deprived, the body begins to die. Without eating or drinking sources of hydrogen ions, the body receives no new energy and likewise begins to die. Human cells need hydrogen and oxygen to generate the energy we call life. The primary source of hydrogen ions for the human body are fresh uncooked plants such as fruits and vegetables, and water.

Due in no small part to mass food production, mineral deficient soil, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, over-processing of foods, the addition of chemical preservatives, and drinking over-chlorinated and over-fluoridated water, millions of individuals are not receiving enough hydrogen ions each day. Cell damage occurs when the body has insufficient hydrogen ions (and sufficient oxygen). The body’s cells become oxidized in a similar manner in which oxygen rusts iron.

When certain chemicals in the body lose an electron, they become positively charged (and are called "free radicals" or "oxidants"). These chemicals roam freely through the rest of the body stealing electrons from other cells. Free radicals damage cellular DNA. The majority of modern scientists have come to the conclusion that free radical damage in the human body is the central cause of aging. Science has also discovered that aging is not a natural function of the passage of time. Aging is evidence of the damage to millions of the body’s cells through oxidation. This oxidation is due to a shortage of hydrogen ions for preventing free radical damage.

The human body is under siege by free radicals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pollution, chemicals, fumes, toxins, and other poisonous materials only add to the damage the body endures on a daily basis. The amount of free radical damage is roughly equivalent to the amount you have aged. The most well-known antioxidants prior to Dr. Flanagan’s pure hydrogen ion product were Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, and Grape Seed Extract. Both Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts provide many times more antioxidant potential than either Vitamin E or Vitamin C. However, scientific evidence demonstrates MegaHydrate™ is hundreds of times more powerful as an antioxidant than either Green Tea Extract or Grape Seed Extract. No known antioxidant is more powerful than MegaHydrate™! More importantly, because MegaHydrate™ is so pure, you receive far more hydrogen ions from a daily supplement of this amazing supplement than from eating pounds of raw fruits and vegetables and drinking gallons of water from even the Hunza region.

The active ingredient in MegaHydrate™ is Silica Hydride. One very important characteristic of the antioxidant capacity of Silica Hydride is that it’s the only antioxidant that does not become a free radical itself (i.e., oxidant) once it has neutralized a free radical through donating its electron. Negatively-charged hydrogen turns into benign gas and/or water.†

Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine to form water. Without water, life does not exist on Earth. Dr. Flanagan stunned the scientific community with his discovery about the configuration of minerals within water. These minerals form the foundation of glacial milk with their unique hydration potential and life-giving properties. To replicate these beneficial elements of glacial milk water, Dr. Flanagan spent three decades developing a simple and easy-to-use Silica Hydride powder that can stabilize hydrogen ions over an extended period and release them into your body once they come into contact with water. MegaHydrate™ is the product of a lifetime of research and development by Dr. Flanagan. No other product outperforms MegaHydrate™ in delivering billions of negatively-charged hydrogen ions into the body’s cells by simply taking it with water.

MegaHydrate™ contains the active ingredient Silica Hydride, a compound known to positively affect the "zeta potential" of blood cells. Zeta potential (x) is the electric potential, or charge, found in a hydrated particle and the surrounding solution. Zeta potential is an important and useful indicator that this charge can be used to predict and control the stability of colloidal suspensions. The greater the zeta potential, the more likely the suspension will be stable because the charged particles repel each other and thus overcome the natural tendency to aggregate. Zeta potential is an electrical charge measuring the microscopic distance between cells. Greater zeta potential thus indicates more space between cells.

Increased zeta potential possesses many positive health benefits. More zeta potential means more surface area for cells. Toxins, viral matter, fungi, and bacteria trapped between cells can be expunged more readily. More importantly, water enters cells more easily. Water is arguably the most vital component of life extension and the removal of free radicals and waste.†






Vitamin C - 20mg

Megahydrate Microcluster - 500mg


Silica Hydride Powder Proprietary Blend: Potassium Chloride, Silica, Potassium Carbonate, Oleic Acid, Hydrogen Negative Ions



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