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At, we believe in using every available tool to bring our life changing products to the people. Our creative sales programs are a reflection of that belief. Below is a brief overview the opportunities we provide to enterprising individuals or companies who posess similar ideals, a strong drive for success and a desire to enhance the lives of people around the world. The information below will get you started. Use the provided links for more, or if you have questions that are not answered, email us at Our Sales Program is currently segmented into three distinct parts:




Are you popular on the web or in your community? Do you like products? Do you want to make some extra cash by referring people to Our affiliate program may be right for you. Simply refer people to and make 10% from the sale. Short, sweet and simple.


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Are you looking to add a high margin fast selling product to your line up? If so the reseller program has got you covered. Rich margins, lots of marketing materials, a great look and fun to sell are common side effects of offering products. With an existing international foot print, resellers have the entire planet to work with.


Existing resellers of products and materials such as Ambaya Gold, The Aether Group, The Alchemist Store, Nu-Gen Nutrition and more have found simplified profitable success leveraging the leading brand name in Monoatomic, ORMUS, ORMES, alchemy and M-State technology.


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Are you a national chain, distributor or leading web-retailer? Adding products to the mix increases product line selection, offers rich margins and a rapidly growing product to enhance exposure. With a solid foundation, fulfillment is simplified with 500 parcel a day capacity.


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We're proud to present this brief video overview of our sales programs:




Partners has many great relationships through out the world and ships to over 30 countries each month. We have a multitude of resellers in the US as well as a far reaching international team available for you. is committed to producing the best M-State products available for you where ever you are and we're bringing on more resellers regularly.


Resellers Internationally

Save time, money on shipping and have a local resource for your M-State Needs.


United kingdom


The Alchemist Store


Zibar Alchemicals










The Veranese Group



Coming soon


-Dubai, United Arab Emirates






Is your market in need of a resource? Could it be you? If you would like to be, or want to tell us there's a demand in your area let us know.




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