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Made by high-energy electricity. Elixir in 1 and 2 ounce bottles. Users find greatly enhanced brain function when used with Zynergy and Ruthenium. Well known for transformative and healthful capacities. Assists in nerve synaptic processes.

Studies have shown Platinum drugs to be a serious contender in the new wave of antiviral activity. more

Levels In Humans:
Note: this data represents naturally occuring levels of elements in the typical human, it DOES NOT represent recommended daily allowances.
Blood/mg dm-3: n/a
Bone/p.p.m: n/a
Liver/p.p.m: n/a
Muscle/p.p.m: n/a
Daily Dietary Intake: n/a
Total Mass In Avg. 70kg human: n/a

Discoverer: Known to pre-Columbian South Americans. Taken to Europe around 1750
Discovery Location: South America
Discovery Year: Unknown
Name Origin:
Spanish: platina (little silver).
Abundance of Platinum:
Earth's Crust/p.p.m.: 0.001
Atlantic Suface: N/A
Atlantic Deep: N/A
Pacific Surface: 1.1E-07
Pacific Deep: 2.7E-07
Atmosphere/p.p.m.: N/A
Sun (Relative to H=1E12): 56.2
Sources of Platinum:
Produced from platinum ore or native platinum deposits. Primary mining areas are Urals in Russia, Canada, South Africa Columbia and Peru. Annual world wide production is around 30 tons.
Uses of Platinum:
Used in jewelry, to make crucibles, special containers, as a catalyst, in dental crowns, as an anti-tumor agent and to make standard weights and measures. It is also combined with cobalt to produce very strong magnets.






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