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One - Five - Ten

Starts February 2017


1-5-10 is back! We’re excited to share with you this popular promotion that is your best chance to stock up on your favorite M-States. Orders over $100 receive a free 1 gram power of your choice. $200 receive a free 5 gram of your choice and orders of $300 or more receive a 10gram power of your choice. There’s no limit to your orders and you can indicate which powder your order will qualify for upon checkout in the special instructions box. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer and we hope you get your hands on your favorite M-States!


*Please allow extra shipping time during promotional periods for quality care.


Products to get you started

Lucid Liquid



Zynergy Liquid



Zynergy Plus Liquid



Lucid Powder



Zerolight Powder



M-State Copper



M-State Gold



spacer is thrilled to extend these values to
you. Each month, offers a promotion with the intent for each consumer to be able to try something different that the last. Finding the perfect product for you, the perfect combination is only achieved by being able to use everything. Our promotions are here for you to be able to take advantage of the products you need at the best value.




Zeropoint Technologies reserves the right to offer additional value promotions to customers through the web retail platform. Additional values are extended in such forms as percentage discounts, bulk pricing, product additions and more. Zeropoint Technologies reserves the right to change, begin, end and extend sales and promotional programs as needed.


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